Spacious Anxious

by sleepytimejesse

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aviel an album true to sleepytimejesse's apparent influences (mid-nineties video game soundtracks, neo-classical composition, prog metal), spacious anxious is a unique and well-rounded release. a go-to album for snes/n64 era chip music; as good as alex mauer's rain-slick ost. Favorite track: Interlude: The Vacuum Of Space.
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First-person space odyssey; episodes of awe and agoraphobia.

"An original 10-track space trek that samples sounds from multiple games spanning the SNES through GameCube, including Super Metroid, EarthBound, Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, Kirby 64, Glover, and others. And yeah, it sounds totally like variations on Super Metroid boss battle themes."

"sleepytimejesse weaves beautiful astral soundscapes which are pushing his musical instruments of choice far beyond their intended design limits. [...] With this new album, sleepytimejesse has crafted a rare example of an evolved form of chiptunes, which is a very good thing for the genre."
- Rick Damigella,

"ambient exploration [...] with slightly unsettling and adventurous soundscapes"

"sleepytimejesse seems to be summoning the spirit of Hip Tanaka if he had gone on to compose the music to all those incredible N64 games that never came out (Earthbound 64, Metroid 64…sigh)."

"an album that mostly sounds like boss battle music from Super Metroid interspersed with slower, soaring pieces that give you rest from the action"


released July 20, 2013

All music, mixing and mastering by sleepytimejesse.

All music created with sample instruments taken from SNES, N64 and GameCube games. Album is interspersed with samples of vinyl fuzz.

"Asteroid Belt" based on a guitar riff by Jake Sabeh.

"Anthem For A Plutoid" quotes "The National Anthem" by Radiohead.

Album cover by sleepytimejesse with source photography by Crystal Beiersdorfer:

Album cover animated .gif bonus by Love Through Cannibalism:

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Track-by-track review by Rick Damigella of
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Special thanks to Brandon Hood of for his huge help releasing this album, to Kyle Crouse at for the listening party, to everyone who hung out at the live stream, to fluidvolt for many of the N64 sample instruments used in the creation of this album, and to my mom, sister, girlfriend, and close friends for their feedback and continued encouragement.




sleepytimejesse Youngstown, Ohio

Game music composer and sound designer based out of Youngstown, Ohio. Work has been featured on kotaku, destructoid, and others. Contact at

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